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The following people contribute to the services that we provide:


Neil Noble has more than 30 years experience in the golf course industry. He provides a variety of agronomic, turfgrass, irrigation, equipment & operational services, with a primary objective of offering sustainable, science-based advice. Noble has worked in over 15 countries and on more than 200 golf courses, many in the design, construction/grow-in phase. He has set-up golf maintenance operations on 30 new courses, and has restructured numerous existing operations, to maximize operational efficiency, while providing excellent course conditions. Noble has worked with many outstanding courses including St Andrews Old Course, Augusta National, Big Island Country Club, Phoenix Country Club/ Miyazaki, Japan and La Botanica G.C./ Guacalito De La Isla Tola, Nicaragua.



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Golf Club Consulting, Inc.
Phone: 808.225.9604

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