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This page is a listing of companies that sells services or products to golf courses.   Each company listed below has joined our Affiliate Partner program.

If you're a GC Superintendent or associated with a club, please browse through the page and contact a listed company if it's helpful to your course.

If you're with a company that sells to golf courses, please consider becoming an Affiliate Partner.   My cell number is 808-225-9604 and my email address admin@golfclubconsulting.com. 

Thank you.



  1. Architects
  2. Club Assistance and Superintendent Hiring
  3. Computers, Software or Technology
  4. Construction or Renovation
  5. Drainage
  6. Equipment
  7. Fertilizer
  8. Irrigation
  9. Irrigation Design
  10. Lakes, Ponds or Water Features
  11. Maintenance Building or Area
  12. Miscellaneous
  13. Peat or Soil Amendments
  14. Supplies
  15. Testing
  16. Turf Practices and Bunker Maintenance



Jan Bel Jan Golf Course Design


Jan's experience as a Registered Landscape Architect, Certified Arborist & Assistant Supt.  provides her with a unique outlook on the playability, strategy, ecology, & economics of a golf course.  Email Jan.

Jeffrey D. Brauer / Golfscapes, Inc.

Golf course design services.  Based in Texas.  Past President of the ASGCA.    Author of a monthly column in GC Industry magazine.   Please email Jeff to learn how our services are a good fit for any club. 

John Fought Design

Provide design services for a new course or existing course renovation.  Services are client based and we have keen eye for quality issues.   Contact us to learn how our team can help your club. Based in Phoenix.

Pearson Golf Design


Offering new & renovation golf course designs, with global experience in over 35 countries.  Also master planning & other related services.  Press HERE to send me an email.  Based in North Palm Beach, Florida.

Forrest Richardson and Associates 

Design, feasibility, remodeling and site planning.   Based in Arizona.  Please contact us to see our we can help your club with a renovation project or with a new golf course.

Phelps-Atkinson Golf Course Design


Practical golf course design expertise for new courses or improvements to existing courses. Press HERE to view our completed projects.  Also can provide a 1 day consulting design visit.  Contact us.

Miller Design GC Architecture


Dedicated to designing creative solutions and innovative strategies that encompass the history & traditions of the game of golf.   Please contact Mark Miller to see how our company can help you or your club.

Jacobson Golf Course Design, Inc.


We service all phases of GC Architecture, from new course designs to the Master Renovation Planning of existing courses.  We specialize in designing on environmentally sensitive areas.  Please contact us.

Timothy Liddy and Associates

Indiana and South Carolina

We are provide quality golf course design services.   Tim, an understudy of Pete Dye, leads the company in all aspects of our design work.  Click HERE for a brochure or click HERE to email Tim. (Featured in our April 2014 newsletter)


Master Club Advisors

Florida and Texas

Master Club Advisors is the premier search consultant to the private club community.  Conducting searches of GC Superintendents, Club General Managers, Golf Pros and Executive Chefs.  All four partners have served as Club General Managers at prestigious and highly recognized private clubs.  Among the partners are past National Presidents of the CMAA, past State Chapter Presidents, Master Club Managers (MCM) (the designation held only by 16 individuals), Certified Club Managers (CCM) and Certified Chief Executive (CCE). The firm also assists clubs with long range planning and club governance.  In addition, the company produces multiple publications and holds multiple education symposiums.  Email us if we can help you.




Green & pin management technology to help golf courses manage their green & placement of pin more efficiently.  For more information contact us or call 972.231-4040.  To view our product, press HERE. (Featured in our April 2014 newsletter)

Golf Course Analytics


Internet based maintenance budgeting software for golf courses.  To see our product press HERE.   Our software WILL save your operation money, please email Dave or call him at 303-598-6319.

Nu Tec Soil Inc.

North Carolina

Our technology results in reduced fertilizer costs & better turf.   We do by this analyzing the course soils & then using GPS to only apply what needed.  Many high-end clubs have used us.   Contact us. (Featured in our May 2014 newsletter)


Course Management Software:  We create a GPS map to manage your chemicals, fertilizers, and trees with a simple on-line tool.  To maintain your map you can use our SkyCaddie mapping device.  Contact us.

Spectrum Technologies


We offer a complete line of meters for weather monitoring, nutrient management, plant health, and soil monitoring.  Please contact us for more information or what is the best for your course's need. (Featured in our September 2013 newsletter)



New York

We specialize in golf course restoration.   We are a small company that has a long track-record of quality detailed work.  Press HERE to contact Chad Lemere or call him at 914-625-0676.

Clear Vision


Virginia based course construction company and Dry Ject contractor.  Please contact us to see how "We Can Turn Your Vision into Reality". 


Turf Drainage Company of America, Inc.


We offer planning, design, manufacture & installation of turf drainage systems.   We have worked with many world-class courses to help them solve unique drainage issues.  Please contact us. (Featured in our July 2014 newsletter)


Advanced Turf Technology

South Carolina

A "cassette" system for a triplex mower.    An innovative way to convert any existing triplex for a desired need.   Distributed by C.S. Trading, LLC.  For more info, please contact us

Dakota Equipment

North Dakota

Turf tenders, soil movers, turf contractors & tree moving systems.  We have a long list of available used equipment.    For more information contact us.

Global Turf Equipment


Offer quality used course equipment.   On our website, you can browse our inventory or we can find you what you're looking for.   We can ship worldwide.   Our warehouse is north of Tampa, FL.  Please contact us. (Featured in our July 2013 newsletter)

SISIS North America

South Carolina

Aerators, scarifiers, rakes, brushes, top-dressers & sweepers. Distributed by C.S. Trading, LLC.  Contact us to see how we can help.

  • Press HERE for video of our Flexibrushing product for bermudagrass fairways.
  • Press HERE for video of our greens aerifier.
  • Press HERE for video of our Bunker Blaster (to remove water from bunkers)

Statewide Turf Equipment


Full line of quality in-stock equipment.   There are (2) ways to purchase equipment:   Serviced or Wholesale (inspected, detailed & fully operational).   We are in Sarasota, Florida.  Please email us. (Featured in our August 2013 newsletter)


Nu Tec Soil Inc. 

North Carolina

We don't sell fertilizers, but we provide the technology to apply them more effectively, plus the turf is better.   If your course uses fertilizers, we can save your club $.   Contact us for more info. (Featured in our May 2014 newsletter )

Global Soil Solutions


GSS is now offering customized nutrient formulas that address the specific needs of the turf.  Complete soil testing and detailed application programs.  Contact Stephen Harkeli or press HERE for more info. 


Spectrum Technologies


We offer a complete line of soil moisture sensors, either to work with a course weather station or our hand held sensor.  Please contact us for more information or what is the best for your course's need. (Featured in our September 2013 newsletter)



Aqua Engineering, Inc.


Irrigation system analysis, planning, energy evaluations, design for existing or new developments, central programming, rapid water audits for both energy and water savings.  Please contact us.

Spot Water Management, Inc.


We offer irrigation design services for new or existing golf courses.    Other services include; irrigation system evaluations, energy efficiency, and GPS mapping.  We focus on water use efficiency.  Please contact us.



Larry Rodgers Design Group began business in 1987.  Larry has (30) years of golf course irrigation design and consulting experience on over 650 projects in 43 states, 22 countries and 5 continents.  Send Larry an email to discuss how he can improve your course irrigation system. (Featured in our August 2014 newsletter)


Colorado Lining International


Full service lake lining supplier and contractor.  We have worked all over the world and can make any sized lake liner or repair any lake liner anywhere.  For more information email us or visit our website.

Super's Choice Pond Products


Pond maintenance products, for golf courses.  Offered products include bacteria to remove murky water and bottom sludge.  We also have lake dyes and the expertise to solve any water issue.   Please contact us.

U.S. Aqua Vac, Inc.


Nationwide lake & pond cleaning.  Specializing in muck, silt & sediment removal from ANY water holding area.  See our website for more info or contact us to see how we can improve your lakes. (Featured in our June 2013 newsletter)

Organic Sediment Removal Systems


O.S.R. Systems provides pond and lake cleaning.  Please press HERE for a video of our method.


Carbtrol Corporation

New Jersey

Advanced washwater recycle systems for golf course maintenance equipment cleaning.  We have (7) models available for any capacity needed.  Please contact us or call Paul Iacozza at 1-800-242-1150. (Featured in our January and February 2013 newsletter)

Underwriters Laboratory


Testing for maintenance area water runoff.   (This is the same company that you see a UL "tag" on appliances).  The contact is Daniel Klaybor and press HERE to send him an email.



Offering many products for a course maintenance area; including equipment washing areas, containment pads, chemical mixing, storage and fuel areas.  Please contact us to see our we can help you.


L.L. Johnson Distributing Company


BASED IN DENVER: Toro Equipment & Irrigation, Lely spreaders, Broyhill sprayers, Express Duel grinders, Par Aide & Standard course accessories, Ryan, Evergreen turf covers, plus much more.  Contact us.

Wittek Golf Supply Company


Manufacturer and distributor of driving range equipment, golf course supplies, display fixtures and miniature golf supplies.  Please contact us to learn how we can help your club. (Featured in our May 2013 newsletter)


Dakota Soil & Plant Enhancer (Dakota Peat)

North Dakota

A highly concentrated organic material used as a growing medium for turf and sports fields.   Please see our website or contact us for more information.

Global Soil Solutions


GSS offers complete service program for a GC Supts.  Let us maximize your schedule buy optimizing your soil needs with our customized products.  Contact Stephen Harkeli or press HERE for more info. 

Rev Dakota

North Dakota

A plant and soil enhancer for golf and sports turf.   Retains fertilizers, helps nutrients become available, increases CEC and improves buffering properties of soil.    Please contact us for information.


Wittek Golf Supply Company


Manufacturer and distributor of driving range equipment, golf course supplies, display fixtures and miniature golf supplies.  Please contact us to learn how we can help your club. (Featured in our May 2013 newsletter)



Underwriters Laboratory


Testing for maintenance area water runoff.   (This is the same company that you see a UL "tag" on appliances).  The contact is Daniel Klaybor and press HERE to send him an email




South Carolina

Advanced commercial aerators for athletic fields, fairways, tees and fairways.  Please review our website to see why you should consider our aerifiers or to see a video of our aerifier.   Please contact us

Dry Ject


We offer a service for the aerification of greens or tees.  It's not just an ordinary turf aerification, it's a process.    Please contact us to learn about the process and find an authorized contractor near you.  (Featured in our May 2014 newsletter)


Disclaimers or Notices:

  • Golf Club Consulting, Inc. does not endorse any company listed.
  • For sales over $50K, Golf Club Consulting, Inc. is entitled to a sales commission if we "lead" or "refer" a golf course to an Affiliate Partner company. Pease see the Terms and Conditions document for this aspect of an Affiliate Partner membership.
  • Press HERE for the Terms and Conditions for an Affiliate Partner membership and for our sales commission.
  • All links lead to servers that are maintained by other individuals or organizations over whom we have no control.  
  • Golf Club Consulting, Inc. makes no representations or warranties regarding the quality of the services that a listed company provides.


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