January 8, 2008

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“18-Hole Idea up for Approval”

Glenwood Springs, CO (January 8, 2008) – Golf Club Consulting, Inc. was retained by the City of West Fargo (ND) to help the city determine the costs and the feasibility of building an 18-hole golf course.

West Fargo golf lovers may not have to leave the city to putt a few rounds if a proposal to build an 18-hole golf course gets the green light.

“A golf course has been talked about for years,” West Fargo Mayor Rich Mattern said.  “We feel the best route is hire a golf consultant to look into the idea.” City Administrator Jim Brownlee said “developers approached the city with an offer to donate the land for the golf course in August.”

“There are many issues when considering a new golf course: the construction costs involved, the needed infrastructure costs, the feasibility of the market and the operating revenues.  But in the case of the City of West Fargo there are many more factors, such as adding an untapped tax base (both in property and sales taxes), attracting companies to the city, increasing the present tourism income and creating an amenity that will increase revenue for the city’s present businesses,” said Richard Eide, Principal of Golf Club Consulting, Inc.

In October, West Fargo city commissioners voted down allocating money to look into the idea of adding a golf course.  But Brownlee reintroduced the motion in November, only one month after it was defeated 2-3.  But this time the idea resulted in a much different outcome, 4-1 in favor of completing the study.  “The reason for the change is easy to understand, because of the developer participation and potential benefits to the city,” said Eide.

“The study will also include the region’s history, its economy and potential project construction costs and benefits” said Brownlee. 

The study will begin in late January and will take 10-12 weeks to complete. 

Company InformationGolf Club Consulting, Inc. is a Colorado based company that assists owners or developers of new or existing golf facilities.  Specialized expertise is with turf grass agronomy, golf course maintenance, feasibility studies, due diligence of course acquisitions and project development.  For more information, contact Richard N. Eide at 970-384-2069 or  The company website is

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