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“California Golf Course Investing”

Glenwood Springs, CO (August 5, 2008) – Golf Club Consulting, Inc. was retained by a newly formed golf course investment group with offices in San Francisco and Burbank, California.

“We plan to aggressively invest in the golf course industry throughout the US.  In the near future, we will announce an on-going relationship with a large US homebuilder.  A main need right now is to gain insights into the US golf course industry.  So, we have retained Golf Club Consulting, Inc. to lead our efforts in that area.  Our first project is slated for the Palm Springs area, but we’re unsure of the timing because of housing conditions in the Coachella Valley,” said a representative of the investment group. 

“We are extremely honored to become involved knowing the aggressive business plan set-forth.  Our role in this endeavor is multi-faceted, from acting as a sounding-board to leading in the agronomics of developed projects,” said Richard Eide of Golf Club Consulting, Inc.

A site inspection of the Palm Springs property will take place in September and will be followed by a comprehensive analysis of what was found during the site inspection.

Company Information
Golf Club Consulting, Inc. is a Colorado based company that assists owners or developers of new or existing golf facilities.  Specialized expertise is with turf grass agronomy, golf course maintenance, feasibility studies, due diligence of course acquisitions and project development.  For more information, contact Richard N. Eide at 970-384-2069 or  The company website is

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