April 20, 2007

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“Golf and Gambling in Las Vegas”

Glenwood Springs, CO (April 20, 2007) – Golf Club Consulting, Inc. was recently retained by a New York City partnership that includes Marriott Hotels and a private equity firm to investigate a for-sale golf property in Las Vegas. 

The goal of the Due Diligence Study is to review an undisclosed golf course for a wide variety of potential uses, including continuing golf course operations and converting the property into a mixed-use complex.  The property considered is highly desirable due to its close proximity to the “strip” and its owned water rights. 

“Our desire is to investigate several purchase variables that includes a significant drainage project through the property by Clark County,” said a representative of the partnership.  “We have hired Golf Club Consulting, Inc. to investigate the practicality of several potential uses, but all of them included the state of the golf course components and the maintenance of the golf course.”

“Operating a golf course in Las Vegas is extremely difficult due to a highly competive market and high operating costs,” said Richard Eide, of Golf Club Consulting, Inc.  “When reviewing any golf operation it is critical to know the potential operational scenarios, so you can focus on the issues related to its use.”

“Water is extremely expensive in the Las Vegas area, so we’re going to put an extra focus on the issues involved”, said the partnership representative.

The Due Diligence Study and Golf Course Maintenance reviews will begin immediately.  The timing of the completion will be dependant on the meetings with Clark County and the result of the issues investigated.

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Golf Club Consulting, Inc. is a Colorado based company that assists owners or developers of new or existing golf facilities.  Specialized expertise is with turf grass agronomy, golf course maintenance, feasibility studies, due diligence of course acquisitions and project development.  For more information, contact Richard N. Eide at 970-384-2069 or  The company website is

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