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“Turf Agronomy in New Mexico ”

Glenwood Springs, CO (August 10, 2008) – Golf Club Consulting, Inc. was retained by the owners of Picacho Hills CC to review and analyze its course conditions.

Picacho Hills CC is located in Las Cruces, New Mexico and was built in 1979 and designed by Joe Finger.  The club has acquired a loyal following and the area has become a nice location for families and retirees. 

“We are been asked by the owners to review and examine the conditions of the golf course and the associated golf course maintenance. The club has lost a sizable amount of fairway turf the last couple years and our job will be to determine why and outline a plan for needed improvements,” said Richard Eide of Golf Club Consulting, Inc.

“Our commitment to our members is extremely high, so we’ve asked Golf Club Consulting, Inc. to review why our fairway turf has declined, so we can be pro-active to correct” said a representative of the ownership. 

“As with most course conditions, the primary issues will be irrigation water used, how the course is watered and taken care of.  We will review the existing soil and water samples and probably re-test many areas of the course.  What makes this especially complicated is the area has been extremely dry this summer.  This usually exacerbates any shortcomings of the golf course maintenance.  Because turf disease is a potential issue, we will be sending turf samples to New Mexico State University for a pathology analysis for any turf diseases.” said Eide
The physical course inspection will take in the coming weeks and will be followed by a comprehensive off-site analysis of what was found during the course inspection.  The final analysis will include turf agronomy recommendations and opportunities for improving the turf conditions.

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Golf Club Consulting, Inc. is a Colorado based company that assists owners or developers of new or existing golf facilities.  Specialized expertise is with turf grass agronomy, golf course maintenance, feasibility studies, due diligence of course acquisitions and project development.  For more information, contact Richard N. Eide at 970-384-2069 or  The company website is

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