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Golf Club Consulting, Inc.
2770 Arapahoe Rd

Suite #132, P.O. Box 190, Lafayette CO 80026

Office: 808.225.9604

ABOUT US:  Frequently Asked Questions


Has Golf Club Consulting worked on a golf facility like mine?



In what locations does Golf Club Consulting, Inc. work?

  • All states in the U.S.. Most foreign Countries


What are reasons to retain Golf Club Consulting, Inc.?

  • Obtain unbiased advise


What does a consulting proposal contain?

  • Compensation
  • Payment terms
  • Scope of work (including support)
  • Timetable of work with completion date


What expenses will I be billed for?

  • Airfare (US: Coach class)(International: Business class)
  • Airport parking fees
  • Car rental and associated costs (Standard size)
  • Food during travel and site visits (under $50/day)
  • Hotel (Hampton Inn or similar)
  • Road tolls
  • Travel mileage to and from departing airport


Can I have the fees arranged to meet my needs?



What is the best way to get a hold of Golf Club Consulting, Inc.?

Office phone

When will I hear back from GCC?

Immediately.   The only reason for not responding within a short period of time is due to not getting your message or we’re traveling. 

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Golf Club Consulting, Inc.
Phone: 808.225.9604

Certified Golf Course Superintendent