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“Employment Database: GC Superintendent Positions”

Glenwood Springs, CO (May 19, 2009) – Golf Club Consulting, Inc. has partnered with Net Database, LLC, to create an database of available Golf Course Superintendents.  

“The database is offered FREE to every employer of a job board posting.   It's more than a place to post a resume.  It’s a system to help individuals find and retain a GC Superintendent position" said Dick Eide of Golf Club Consulting, Inc.

“Enrollment into database is done through our offered Ultimate Plan.   After enrolling in the plan, an enrollee fills out an extensive questionnaire on his or her abilities, education and new job goals.    Next, we schedule a phone interview with each enrollee to discuss their resume, abilities and career objectives.    This information, along with a person's resume is entered in the database” added Eide.

“The main issue for an employer is to find qualified candidates in an efficient manner.    In today's economy, an employer is frequently deluged with applications for an open position.   This creates a large amount of work for the employer, especially when many of the received applications are from individuals that don't even qualify for the job.   Simply put, this database is a tool to help an employer locate a qualified candidate, without the hassle of posting the position as open.   We created the database with 13 different search fields for an employer to use to find the right individual,” said Scott Bradshaw of Net Database LLC.  

Testing of the database was done this past winter and formal use of the database began March 15, 2009.   The initial results have far exceeded expectations.    Since the database was offered to hiring employers, GC Superintendent candidates have been hired in Mexico, Texas and New York.

Company InformationGolf Club Consulting, Inc. is a Colorado based company that assists owners or developers of new or existing golf facilities.  Specialized expertise is with turf grass agronomy, golf course maintenance, feasibility studies, due diligence of course acquisitions and project development.  For more information, contact Richard N. Eide at 970-384-2069 or  The company website is

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