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This study of the considered acquisition is essential when buying a golf course.  This is because many golf course issues are "invisible" to the untrained eye and this means unplanned expenses.   Many of these expenses can be fatal to the financial success of a club.

We know what to look for in a golf course business.    Unbiased expertise is extremely important in understanding what you are buying.  

If a comprehensive Due Diligence Review is not done by a person with golf course care expertise, the acquisition might be doomed before it's even acquired.

Components of our Due Diligence review are:

  1. Bunkers
  2. Cart paths
  3. Fairways
  4. Golf course lakes & streams
  5. Golf course landscaping
  6. Golf maintenance building
  7. Course maintenance equipment
  8. Greens
  9. Irrigation pump station (s)
  10. Irrigation system
  11. Irrigation water used
  12. Irrigation water storage
  13. Tees

These (13) components are analyzed in-depth.  We will tell a prospective buyer:

  • How important a component is to THAT club.
  • Was all of the information gathered on a component.
  • What concerns we have.
  • A cost range to fix our concerns.

Many aspects of a golf course can only be fully analyzed when the golf course is in "season".  Thus we only offer a Due Diligence Review of a golf course seasonally.  Even analyzing a course in Florida in the Summer months is not the best.

Please contact us if you are considering acquiring a golf facility.   


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